Mayte Cantero Sánchez

Holder of a FI-AGAUR grant. PhD Candidate in Sociology ( October 2022- ongoing). Former
PhD Student in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature at the UAB). She holds a B.A. in
Liberal Arts (2014) and Philosophy (2015) at the UAB, a M.A. in Literary and Cultural Studies
(Universidad de Barcelona, 2016) and a M.A. in Gender, Intersectionality and Social Change
at the Linköping University, Sweden (2020). Her works focus on gender, cultural and critical
studies and she is currently writing her PhD dissertation on the critical reception of
“Intersectionality” in the iberoamerican context. She has been a visitor researcher in different
universities such as Utrecht (2018), Santiago (2019), Bogotá (2020) and Florianópolis (2023)


– (in press) Producción científica sobre la interseccionalidad y su conceptualización en
el ámbito hispanohablante: una revisión del perfil de los productores académicos en
Hispanoamérica y España 30 años después de la acuñación. Latin American and
Caribbean Ethnic Studies (2023) Nº: XX-XX. Co-author with Catalina Ramírez
– Joane Florvil. Un abordaje interseccional de la racialización de las mujeres en
migrantes en Chile. Revista Atenea de la Universidad de Concepción, 525. (2022)
Q3 pp. 11-29
– “On Racism and the Impossibility of Mourning: A Critical Reading of Rankine’s
Citizen, An American Lyrics” (2018) Q3. Revista de Estudios Norteamericanos de la
Universidad de Sevilla. 22. 83-101. 10.12795/REN.2018.i22.04

Areas of interest

-Gender, body and sexualities.
-Scholar production and legal production of intersectionality
-Critical discourse analysis and queer studies.


– “Theories on the body”. Subject of the M.A. in Women, Gender and Citizenship of the
Universidad de Barcelona. 5 ECTS. Fall 2020 and Fall 2018.
-“Critical Imaginaries and Feminism in Culture, Literary and Violence”. Invited lecturer. 15
hours. MA in Gender and Cultural Studies at the CEGECAL, University of Chile (Santiago).
September-October 2019.
-“Gender and its representations”. Invited lecturer. 6 hours. MA in Gender and
Communication, UAB. April 2019.
– “Introduction to Literary Studies”. Subject of the B.A. in Liberal arts. UAB. Fall 2017.