Patricio Oliva

He is Research Coordinator of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University
of Development in the city of Concepción, Chile and also directs the Diploma in
Emerging Methodologies from the same study house. Sociologist graduated from
University of Concepción, Chile and holds master’s degrees in Clinical Epidemiology from the Universidad de la Frontera, Chile and in Systemic Analysis of the Social Reality of
University of Chile. He has participated as a researcher in projects on communities
virtual anti-vaccination in 2021 funded by the University of Development.
He also in projects on comparative systems in health financed by the Foundation
Oswaldo Cruz FIOCRUZ from Brazil in the year 2019. He published in the year 2019 a chapter
on compared systems in the book: Sistemas Híbridos de Saúde: Uma análise
comparada internacional de políticas de protecao e equidade (Centro de Estudios
Brazilians CEBES and in the year 2022 he published on the Chilean health system in the
Saude em Debate magazine of Brazil. He is currently a PhD candidate in the Research in
Sociology of Religion (ISOR) of the Autonomous University of Barcelona studying the
religiosity mediated by communication technology in religious communities.