Research in Sociology of Religion

ISOR (Research in Sociology of Religion) is a research group oriented towards the study of religion, identity and memory. Founded in 1974 under the direction of Dr. Joan Estruch, ISOR was the first university research group dedicated to the Sociology of Religion in Catalonia. Dr. Salvador Cardús joined the center in 1976. ISOR was initially located in the city of Barcelona, but in 1989 it was transferred to the Sociology Department of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. During its forty plus years of existence, ISOR has been a leader in research on issues related broadly to religion and culture. Since 2014, Dr. Maria del Mar Griera has been the director of ISOR.

ISOR’s research projects have a strong theoretical grounding and have focused on a variety of processes related to the construction of meaning. In recent years, it has devoted increasing attention to research on religious minorities.

ISOR plays an active role in university education through teaching, publishing and translating academic texts, as well as organising seminars and supervising doctoral theses. Those affiliated with ISOR place a strong emphasis on integrating quality pedagogy with research activities.

ISOR has developed a wide network of relations with other international research centers, such as Peter Berger’s Institute on Culture, Religion and World Affairs, the centre Sociologie des religions et éthique sociale (Université de Strasbourg) and the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU).