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WORKSHOP – “Religion and Science in Covid Times: Research Perspectives” (November 19-20)


Within the framework of the series “Religions in the City” organised by ISOR with the support of “la Caixa” Foundation-Palau Macaya, this workshop explores the complex entanglements between science and religion in contemporary societies. The aim is to uncover the new challenges posed by the COVID pandemic at the intersection of religion and science. The workshop is organized around four academic sessions, each of them approaching the topic from a different perspective (Vaccine hesitancy, evolutionary science and religion, the links between conspiracy theories and religion/spirituality, and the relationship between occultism and science). All of the sessions will be open by Zoom platform, but require to register in this form.

Thursday 19/11/2020

16h. Opening Presentation: Religion and science: new research challenges in COVID times | Maria del Mar Griera (ISOR-UAB)  

16.30h. Pandemics and Politics: Religion, Science and Vaccine Hesitancy | Paul Bramadat – University of Victoria (Canada).
Chair: Rafael Cazarín (ISOR-UAB)
17.30h. Identification with Science and the Public Understanding of Evolution in the West | Stephen Jones – University of Birmingham (UK), and Rebecca Catto – State Kent University (US).
Chair: Cecilia Delgado-Molina (ISOR-UAB)

19.00h. Open conference: Ciencia y Religión en tiempos de COVID: retos y reflexiones en la “nueva normalidad”
Verónica Giménez-Béliveau, sociologist, CEIL CONICET (Argentina) & Josep Lobera, sociologist Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM). Chair: Maria del Mar Griera, sociologist UAB, director of ISOR.

Friday 20/11/2020

09.30h.Science, (Con)spirituality and COVID-19 | Anna Halafoff – Deakin University (Australia)
Chair: Rosa Martinez (ISOR-UAB)  

10.30h. Etnografiar el misterio: desafíos para su estudio | Marina Jaciuk – Katholische Univerität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt (Alemania)
Chair: Victor Albert (ISOR-UAB)
12:00h. New research projects and debate

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