Research in Sociology of Religion


The principal aim of the International Network on Science, Religion and Health is to foster collaboration among researchers working at the intersection of science, religion and health. 

The network has three main lines of action. 

  1. To stimulate communication and theoretical cross-fertilisation between researchers in order to advance the understanding of social and cultural narratives on science, religion/spirituality and health. 
  1. To identify, systematise and disseminate existing research on this topic, and to create a directory of researchers doing research on the subject in Europe. 
  1. To promote training and mentoring activities for early-careers scholars working in this field in all the world 


More specifically, we focus on the research produced around the three following dimensions: 

  1. The mobilization of science & religious/spiritual knowledges in understandings of life, illness and death. 
  1. The debates, controversies and dynamics around biomedical technologies (vaccinations, chemotherapy, genetic therapy). 
  1. And the crystallization of science and religious debates in the healthcare provision. We consider these three health-related arenas as privileged sites for exploring the intersection between religion/spirituality and science in the international context. 


The network will prioritise research that fulfils the following two conditions:   

  1. It has an empirical dimension 
  1. It is carried out from the perspective of the social and human sciences 


The Network is funded by the International Research Network for the Study of Science and Belief in Society (INSBS).