Research in Sociology of Religion

The LEGACI project wishes to work on collective identity and memory to bridge intercultural and intergenerational gaps, bringing together cultural minorities, seniors, cultural organisations, researchers and policy makers to explore the implications and (lack of) implementation of the FARO convention.

In accordance to project aim and priorities, the objectives are:

– To explore Legislative Theatre and alike methods (i.e. Healing Wounds of History, Polarized Theatre of the Oppressed…) as ways to promote inclusion, diversity and outreach of people from cultural minorities, migrants, and seniors through their empowerment and active engagement in heritage processes and meaning-making.

– To offer opportunities for 30-40 people from cultural minorities, migrant background, and seniors to participate in civic engagement through an arts-based, participatory learning experience.

–To foster a critical understanding and raise awareness amongst people from cultural minorities, migrant background, and seniors, researchers, and policy makers in the field of heritage, of the FARO convention as a guiding document in relation to common EU values, diversity, cultural identity and awareness, and social and historical heritage.