Research in Sociology of Religion

New publication by Wilson Muñoz and Esther Fernánez-Mostaza


ISOR researchers Wilson Muñoz and M. Esther Fernández-Mostaza published the article “Desplazamientos, ritualidad y configuración espacial. El Señor de los Milagros en Barcelona” in the urban studies journal EURE. The publication is the result of the I+D research project “The Place of Religion in Open Urban Spaces: A Comparative Case Study of Public Religious Acts and Celebrations in Madrid and Barcelona”, led by Mar Griera. Based on an analysis of the most massive religious expression of Global Catholicism, the procession of the Señor de los Milagros (“Cristo Moreno”), the authors analyze the spatial reconfiguration generated by this manifestation in Barcelona based on the practice of the dance, proposing the existence of a mobile ritual micro-landscape. The publication can be consulted at this link:


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