Research in Sociology of Religion

The project aims to co-design and pilot innovative methods and cooperation strategies for mental health promotion in HE for trauma prevention and support to: increase the quality of mental health promotion, address common needs, promote inclusion of vulnerable groups, create inclusive learning environments and build capacity for transnational cooperation through culturally sensitive, digitally relevant, and community-based approaches using international health promotion frameworks.

Main project activities are:
• Co-creation of the HEARTS method and products based on partner transdisciplinary expertise in health promotion and well-being
• Five pilot workshops for students and staff in 5 universities across 4 countries
• Three transnational partner meetings for methodological and practice exchange, and increased cooperation
• Awareness-raising campaign, 4 local conferences and a final international conference
• Coordination, evaluation and dissemination activities
Main project results are:
• Development of HEARTS report (EN), activity handbook, mainstreaming guide and awareness-raising campaign in EN, ES, PT, IT
• 150 students and staff from the consortium and 220 non-consortium students, staff and stakeholders from youth and other education fields informed and trained in HEARTS methods and products
• 40,000 students and staff pertaining to 5 universities across 4 countries with awareness raised about health promotion for trauma prevention and support