Teuta Stipisic

Graduated on the Faculty for Humanities and Social Sciences, Research Sociology Department in Split, Croatia. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in 2014 with a research paper titled „Living in the city and living on the island: similarities and differences“ and finished her master degree 2016 with a research paper in the area of ethnography and sociology of religion – „Following the Cross: ethnography of religious procession on the island of Hvar“.  

Through her education on the Faculty for Humanities and Social Sciences she participated in several researches and projects such as – „Sexuality of youth: sociological research of sexual behavior on the example of young people in town of Split, Croatia“ (between year 2011 and 2013)and in collaboration with one of the professors (prof. Vlaho Kovacevic) of Faculty of Philosophy in Split she conducted research on the subject of popular religion that was presented at the IUC (An independent International Centre for Advanced Studies) in Dubrovnik, Future Course of Religion – Toward a Global Ethos (27 of april – 1 of May, 2015).

In February 2017 she started her Erasmus+ practice at the University Autonomous of Barcelona, at ISOR research group, under mentorship of Dr. Maria del Mar Griera LLonch in duration of 4 months working on a different projects in religion. From January 2018 she forms a part of ISOR research group, working on a project Religious Map of Catalonia.

Areas of interest

Sociology of religion

Folk (popular) religion

Sociology of pilgrimages

Sociology of youth

Urban sociology